by Brenden Leigh


Honey Cocoa Almonds.  Vanilla Almond Milk.  Red Velvet Cake.  Chocolate Covered Strawberries.  While these items sound like the ingredients in a slightly pretentious cake, they are actually the reigning champs at the 2017 SoCal Cannabis Cup!1  There is no doubt about it; where once edibles took a backseat to flower, they now are at the forefront of the cannabis revolution, providing new delivery systems for those who were once apprehensive about our beloved plant.  Despite new government regulation edible companies are flourishing, providing users with everything you can think of from water to gum.  With so many options to choose from, dosing your edible can be confusing.  Never fear, The Cannary is here!  Here are some tips to ensure that your next experience is a great one!


In order to properly calculate your dosage, we need to first understand the different kinds of edibles and how they distribute cannabis in your body.  The most common method is...EATING! 

When the edible is chewed and broken down in your stomach, it then travels to your lower intestine prior to being distributed in your bloodstream.  A faster way to get the THC from the edible is sublingual ingestion, which can be done by sucking on it, or placing it under your tongue and allowing it to dissolve.

The final method is hybrid ingestion, which occurs with liquid edibles such as juices and breath sprays.  These edibles give you an immediate high as the liquid passes through the membrane in your cheek effectively (and quickly) putting THC into your bloodstream, while the rest of the liquid heads to your stomach to be processed, then released into your blood, providing a stronger, longer lasting high.2


Now that you know how the delivery system works, let's figure out your dosage.  The most common milligram dosage is 25.  HOWEVER, depending on the type of edible, what type of concentrate is used during creation, your ingestion method, your body weight, tolerance and the contents of your stomach, you may need more or less. 3  If you are new to edibles and are trying one for the first time, ingest 15 milligrams and wait for the effects.  If the effects are not as strong as you would like, take another 15-milligram piece two hours later.  Always start small and work your way up to avoid over-medicating.  In the event you are too stoned, a shower, dairy products or CBD can assist in relieving symptoms.


Once your edible kicks in, buckle up!  You are in for a fun ride that can last anywhere from 8 to 24 hours!  An edible high is different from a flower high and can be all-encompassing, creating a massive "couch-lock" feeling.  You can expect deep relaxation, hunger, and drowsiness.  If you over-medicate, one or all of these effects can be intensified, so START SMALL!


- Check THC Content and do the math.  Cut your edible prior to ingesting to take the guesswork out of dosing.

-  Find your happy place!  Make sure you are properly hydrated, in a familiar environment, with people you know.  This ensures you don't experience a "bad trip" should you over-medicate.4

There you have it!  You are now equipped to handle any edible, drinkable or tincture you come across like a pro! 



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